GOOD is a member-based workshop studio for writers and OTHER independent creative WORKERs who want to do good work + live good lives.

We host workshops, intensives, retreats, classes, co-working sessions, community events and more.

Picture a private coffee shop (we even make a nice Canadiano) with a 12-foot table (we built ourselves) and a  warm rustic-industrial feel.

We're tucked away in a tree-lined courtyard on the edge of the Chinatown District in Victoria, BC.

If you are seeking a place for your whole being to feel creatively nurtured and safe, then spend some time at GOOD.
— Bronwen Sharpe
GOOD is a workshop space like no other, where people can come together to create, brainstorm, plan, or simply be social in a beautiful setting.
— Jean Paul Thuot
I got as much, if not more, out of a four-hour workshop at GOOD than the two-day, full on, weekend conferences I’ve been to.
— Janet MacLean