GOOD is a member-based workshop studio for writers and OTHER independent creative WORKERs who want to do good work + live good lives.

We host workshops, intensives, retreats, classes, co-working sessions, community events and more.

Picture a private coffee shop (we even make a nice Canadiano) with a 12-foot table (we built ourselves) and a  warm rustic-industrial feel.

We're tucked away in a tree-lined courtyard on the edge of the Chinatown District in Victoria, BC.




On April 5th, we were thrilled to be named one of Douglas magazine’s 10 to Watch Winners for 2018. That means that a panel of six judges from the business community thinks that we are one of the best new businesses on Vancouver Island.

It’s an interesting experience being a pair of writers in a business environment but at the same time, it makes perfect sense. 10 to Watch celebrates entrepreneurship: these are local individuals taking risks and following their passions and making Victoria a more vibrant community. Kind of like artists, when you think about it.

We at GOOD believe that artists and entrepreneurs have a lot in common and a lot to learn from one another. We’re adapting principles from business in creating our definition of creative endeavour.

We also feel that this award is a validation from the business community on the value that culture has in our lives and the need to provide cultural workers with professional support.

Thank you to our community for supporting us, as well as to the folks at Page One Publishing, the judges, and the sponsors. We're so pleased with this award!

If you are seeking a place for your whole being to feel creatively nurtured and safe, then spend some time at GOOD.
— Bronwen Sharpe
GOOD is a workshop space like no other, where people can come together to create, brainstorm, plan, or simply be social in a beautiful setting.
— Jean Paul Thuot
I got as much, if not more, out of a four-hour workshop at GOOD than the two-day, full on, weekend conferences I’ve been to.
— Janet MacLean