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We'd love to call our members Goodies™, but unfortunately Twizzlers™ has the trademark.

GOOD is a member-based community, open to those who are 19 and older. Each membership is good for six months.

Basic membership is only $10 . Even if you only attend one event, it'll be worth it.

You don't need to attend an event to get in on the goodness. Help folks on a tight budget attend GOOD events by purchasing a Patron Membership. Simply choose any membership below and indicate on your application that you are purchasing a Patron Membership. Your contribution will go toward subsidized attendance of GOOD events.



No frills, entry-level membership.



You'll get first dibs on registration, plus occasional special offers.


You'll get the above, plus you'll get a free pass for a single one of our Finishing Classes.


You'll get the above, plus a small thank you gift from THE GOOD STORE.