A chance to talk about your creative practice (and we don't just mean craft)

When I was doing my MFA, my advisor was novelist Susan Swan. We’d meet at her house on a pretty Toronto street, in a den with a skylight. The walls were lined floor to ceiling with books, and paintings were on the floor, leaning against the shelves. There were two comfy chairs. Between them sat a big ottoman which might be occupied with literary magazines or papers, sometimes a tray with muffins, and always tea. For an hour we’d talk about craft, but mostly about the practice of writing in general. Susan treated me like a peer and suggested things to help with my process, often sharing her own. Together we’d figure out the next steps forward. On not great days, we also talked about bogeymen like Resistance and Fear. All-in-all, they were part productive tea dates, part therapy sessions. Whatever we addressed, each time I left, I’d feel like I’d done something that was just for me, but it also made me feel more connected—to my work and to someone who was on a similar path.

We want to offer that same kind of creative kinship and nurturing at GOOD. I want you to come, meet with me, one-on-one as peers, and be heard. Whatever creative work you do, together, we’ll set goals, confront your current realities, examine your options, and help you map a way forward.
— Jill

About Our Creative Consults

By appointment
$75 per session | 3 sessions for $200 + membership
Includes: Coffee/tea and a baked good

In a safe and inviting environment, our one-on-one creative consults offer a full-hour to fully consider your aspirations as an artist, focusing on the key questions you’re confronting in your practice. Sessions are goal-oriented and tailored to your specific needs, as defined by you, and you’ll always leave with ideas for moving forward.

These one-on-one creative consults represent a central element in GOOD’s philosophy. Artists, understandably, want to make art. But sometimes we’re in danger of focusing only on the creation of the work, hoping that someone will notice us—thinking it’s their job, not ours. These pretensions of artistic purity are harmful. We believe that artists need to look beyond creation alone. We need to build productive practices, clarify our missions, cultivate opportunities and approach our work with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

We also believe that it’s hard to do all of that in a vacuum—that we need creative kinship and a sense of accountability to help us thrive. Over the years, we’ve had the good fortune to provide this sort of support to one another and are excited to be able to offer it to you.

You can book a single session or a series of sessions to help support you through a specific project, issue, or phase in your work. 

Is it for me?

One-on-one creative consults are for you if you identify with any of the following:

  • You're interested in the synthesis of artistry and practicality;
  • You like the idea of goal-setting and accountability;
  • You want to invest in your creative development;
  • You’re starting a new project or are planning a new phase in your career;
  • You’ve taken a program or class at GOOD and you want support to continue on with the work you started;
  • You want to take your practice to the next level;
  • You want to professionalize as an artist;
  • You’re stuck and want to be unstuck;
  • You’re overwhelmed or fractured in your pursuits and not sure what to focus on;
  • You feel creatively isolated—whether that’s a by-product of the independent nature of your work or because there are few people in your life who you can talk to about creative work— and could benefit from creative companionship and conversation;
  • You’re creatively wounded or exhausted from competition;
  • You want to overcome, fears, blocks, and other limitations;
  • You need an objective and neutral sounding board for your ideas;
  • You want to make more space for your creative work;
  • You want to figure out how your creative work fits with the rest of your life.

How will I benefit?

Depending on your situation and how many sessions you attend, you may experience any of the following benefits:

  • Your creative work will be more productive and fruitful;
  • You’ll be better able to sustain your creative work;
  • You’ll learn to set goals and celebrate milestones;
  • You’ll get the momentum, encouragement, and support you need;
  • Your approach to creative work will be more professional;
  • You will expand your thinking so that you’re not just creating work, but doing something with that work too;
  • You’ll be more focused and better able to articulate your mission;
  • You’ll feel less lonely in your creative pursuits;
  • You’ll start to heal from creative wounds and learn to feel safe again;
  • You’ll think about your creative work in a healthy way;
  • You’ll learn ways of working with your fears, blocks, and other limitations so they no longer get in your way;
  • You’ll be inspired and encouraged;
  • You’ll build a process of accountability and oversight (particularly if you’re booking more than one session).

What will I get?

  • One hour to focus on whatever you need to focus on and a plan for moving forward;
  • tea and a delicious baked good in a calm and beautiful environment;
  • a follow-up email after our session together. 


Once you get in touch to let us know you want to book a session, you’ll be asked to complete a simple intake form, which will be your opportunity to outline your needs, what you’re working on (or want to work on) and where you’re at in your practice