Get the Accountability + support you need to help your creative practice FLOURISH

our follow-through sessions encourage discipline, consistency, and deep engagement with what’s really going on in your practice


NOTE: We’ll begin accepting applications for our fall Follow-through Sessions starting on Wednesday, July 3rd. In the meantime, feel free to get on our waitlist so you get a link to the application as soon as it’s available.



From September to December, two groups (beginning/emerging and established/professional) of eight creative practitioners of all kinds (such as writers, artists, and musicians) will gather around the GOOD table for a facilitated check-in and discussion about creative practice. These sessions are designed to help you build community while staying engaged and accountable to your work in a rewarding way.

For the duration of the Follow-through Sessions, participants are required to commit to at least 15 minutes a day of creative practice, most days of the week. You must also identify three small, self-defined tasks a week to prioritize (we call ‘em “triorities”) and do your best to complete. Weekly check-ins in a private Facebook group are mandatory and will help keep you accountable between sessions, as well as offer you a place to go for ongoing support.

This offering is ideal for those who want to be disciplined, consistent, and aspirational in their practice. It’s also an ideal offering for those who crave an opportunity to talk about their work with others who ‘get it’, and are also open to sharing their ideas, perspectives, and experiences (even if that prospect seems scary at first).

Each participant will be given a custom-made journal (to be picked up before the start of the program) featuring five fixed questions to answer in advance of each session. The questions are designed to help you keep track of your successes and insights, notice things about your process, share resources and recommendations, and identify a core issue you’re confronting in your practice (or simply open a relevant topic for discussion). Answers will be shared with the group. Time will also be allotted during to allow you to bring your core issue or topic for discussion—whether it concerns mindset, productivity, project

specifics, ways to share your work, or anything else to do with your practice—to the group for their feedback and suggestions. This sort of shared, group-thinking can be both illuminating and affirming.

Past participants have said that hearing other people’s stories makes them realize they’re not alone; that the sessions are both serious and fun; that they learn to re-frame things and improve their mindset; and they achieve things they might not otherwise have achieved because their intentions have become sharper and they have benefited from the support and accountability the group provides.

This offering—like all of GOOD’s offerings—takes place in a non-competitive, non-hierarchical setting, and thrives on a spirit of generosity.


During the program, you’ll:

  • be operating within a supportive structure that will give you accountability and motivation;

  • keep track of and pause to acknowledge your achievements and successes (which is something we don’t do enough of);

  • regularly glean new insights and lessons by paying attention to what works and doesn’t work for you and your practice;

  • get resources and recommendations that are of interest to your practice and to you as a creator;

  • get feedback and suggestions on core issues you’re confronting in your practice that’ll help you move forward (and on the flip side, do the same for others, which will help your own thinking);

  • learn to re-frame dysfunctional beliefs, identify the right problems, and improve your mindset;

  • continuously set new goals and get the encouragement you need to walk your talk;

  • get to be part of a community of like-minded folks who “get it” and make new connections;

  • go further, faster—because we’re better together.

You’ll also get:

  • a custom-printed journal;

  • tea and a delicious baked good each session;

  • gold stars (for real) when you’ve earned ‘em (we let you decide when that is);

  • to enjoy being in the GOOD studio, which folks say is a lovely, cozy, and very nurturing place to be;

  • access to a private Facebook group where you’ll be accountable to your practice through weekly check-ins and where you can connect with your cohort between sessions to share, ask questions, and support each other;

  • email support, when needed, between sessions from the facilitator (that’s me, Jill).


Here are some of the other details you need to know:

Groups + Schedules

We are offering Follow-through Sessions for two groups in the fall:

This is the group for you if you’re newer to creative practice and/or haven’t yet been paid for your work. We’ll meet every second and fourth Monday night from 7pm to 9pm (door at 6:45pm), as follows:

  • September 9 + 23

  • October 15 (Tuesday after Thanksgiving) + 28

  • November 12 (Tuesday after Remembrance Day) + 25

  • December 9

This is the group for you if you’ve been engaged with your creative practice for at least a year or two and/or have been paid for your work. We’ll meet on the first Saturday of each month from 10am to 1pm, as follows:

  • September 7

  • October 5

  • November 2

  • December 7


In advance of each Follow-through Session you’ll need to spend a minimum of 15 minutes filling out your journal/workbook in a thoughtful manner in order to be prepared. As mentioned above, participants are also required to commit to at least 15 minutes a day of creative practice, most days of the week and must identify three small, self-defined tasks a week to prioritize and do their best to complete. Weekly check-ins and participation in a private Facebook group are also mandatory.



In addition to your journal, notepads and pens can be provided (though you may wish to bring your own). Unless you have a special need, laptops are discouraged.



The total cost for Group 1: Beginning/Emerging Creative Practitioners is $340 + membership , while the cost for Group 2: Established/Professional Creative Practitioners is $320 + membership. 


Once you've been accepted in the program, a 50% deposit + your membership (if you're not already a member) is required within 48 hours to hold your spot. The remaining payment will be due by the time the program commences.

Alternately, if you are underwaged, you may make arrangements to pay in two or three installments. Email money transfers are preferred but PayPal payments via debit or credit are also accepted.

Financial Assistance

If finances are a barrier for you, please still apply and indicate on your application form that you would need financial assistance. The amount of financial assistance available fluctuates (thanks in part to our Patron Members). Please note that if you own real estate, are able to go on a vacation, or have a household income that falls in the middle class range or higher, we’re not likely to consider you eligible for financial assistance. We want to help folks who truly are underwaged and don’t have as much privilege as others.

Refund + Cancellation Policies

Students may receive a full refund up to ten days in advance of the commencement of the program. No refund will be provided after that date, unless the program is cancelled. 

If, five days in advance of the commencement of the program, the number of registered participants is six or fewer the program may be cancelled, in which case participants would be notified and refunded immediately.   


Applications will be accepted again beginning on Wednesday, July 3rd.

Participants will be accepted through an application process that will go like this: 

  1. Click the registration button below (when it’s active) and you’ll be taken to an application form hosted by Typeform that will take 10 or so minutes to complete.

  2. You'll then be contacted for a brief telephone interview to ensure that the program is a good fit for you.

  3. You'll be notified as to whether or not you've been accepted into the program by Friday, August 16th.

Note: If you’ve done our CREATIVE WORK program or have been in a previous FOLLOW-THROUGH SESSION you still need to apply, but there may not be a phone interview.

The final application deadline will be Wednesday, August 14th at midnight.  Again, there are eight spots available in total for each group.

Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Please feel free to also join our waitlist and we’ll send you the link to the application as soon as it’s available.