Join us for OUR

(unofficially known as "cake club")

One of GOOD's cakes. Photo by Dean Azim.

One of GOOD's cakes. Photo by Dean Azim.


SUNDAY, JANUARY 13 | 1pm to 3:30pm

To celebrate the start of a new season AND our two year anniversary, we’ll be opening our door and hosting an Open Studio to which everyone is invited—including members, curious newcomers, neighbours, friends, family, and supporters. 

Our open studios are simple, friendly, and cheerful rituals, designed to illustrate why we call the place GOOD. If you have yet to be introduced to us, it'll be an excellent time to see the space and meet our extended community. If you're already part of our community, it's a chance for us to connect and feed you cake!

In keeping with our tradition, we'll be serving seasonal cakes (open studios are unofficially known as "cake club"), as well as something to whet your whistle. This time the menu includes these beautifully decorated single layer cakes of varying degrees of decadence:

♥ Blood Orange Cardamom Cake
♥ Swedish Almond Cake
♥ Flourless Chocolate Torte with Whipped Cream + Sour Cherries

As well, there’ll be a gluten-free and vegan option in the form of:

♥ Chocolate Cupcakes with Hazelnut Praline Crumble

Want to become a member or patron member of GOOD? Membership forms will be on hand.  FINISHING CLASS passes will also be on sale. 

We hope you'll come and spend a pleasant afternoon with us, whether you stay for the duration or pop in for a short spell!

♥ Jill + Andrew